On display at Roselawn





Robin owl, by request


After I started making the scrap basket owls I received an undeniable request from my son… A Robin owl. I am probably going to make some more of these ;).

Kinda terrible cellphone pic of the skirt I finished for Heroescon


So…my amazing uncle came across some fabric that seems to have been intended for Ghost Rider pillowcases while at an auction. Being the considerate enabler that he is, he thought of me and sent it down. I fully intend to make a portfolio bag and a couple of purses from the remainder of the material, but I had to go ahead and make myself a skirt for this weekend’s convention.

Excuse the terrible cell picture (it was pretty late when I finished this).

Scrap basket owls



Happy Halloween!

One of the things I really enjoy about making clothing for dolls is the potential to do wonderful things with small amounts of fabric.  While rummaging through my mother’s fabric chest I found a great print that she had bought years ago to make holiday neckerchiefs for the dogs.  Immediately I thought “skirt!”  While there was not enough of the material (less than 1/4 yard) to make much, or multiples, there was enough to make a funky Halloween skirt for my Doll in Mind Lloyd hybrid Sasha, and to practice a gathered skirt design I want to make more of in the future.


Happy Halloween folks, enjoy the spooky fun and potential for crafting!


Welcome to my website and blog!  This is the homepage for Fallow Fields Designs, where you will find my various endeavors in the world of doll clothing (and other sewing fun).

To get things rolling, I thought I would share some pics of my Bobobie Mei hybrid modeling the prototype for a MSD sized kimono set that I’m working on.  I’ll be taking Tamiir, and a few other dolls to Anime Weekend Atlanta tomorrow.

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